SEO Content Writer-Pets and Passions of an Expert

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The passions of an SEO content writer are very subtle.  An SEO content writer quietly targets powerful keyword phrases using them in patterns to fill out the content found on a web page or information article.  She adores rules and formulas.  She loves to feed spiders.   What’s that?  Feed spiders?

SEO Content Writer – Friend of Spiders

Not just any old spider will do.  These 8-legged arachnids gobble up web content.  I don’t know for certain if they really have eight legs, but the online world refers to the creature that crawls through website content as spiders.   The web they spin is – the Web.  You know it as the Internet, or internet.

I’m still a bit old school so I continue to assign a capital ‘I’ to the word Internet and a ‘W’ to the Web.  You say potahto, I say Potato.

When you have a good SEO content writer it is difficult to tell the difference between the written material they create and what another content writer produces.  The primary goal of the SEO content writer is to produce a page of information that is tasty to search engine spiders and feeds the algorithms that drive these programs.  An expert SEO writer should be able to do this while still creating a page of website content that is meaningful to the reader.

On the other hand, a generalist content writer, for example, a ghostwriter creating chapters of content for a report or book, is most concerned with delivering a message to the reader.  She could care less about search engine algorithms.  Spiders are for stepping on.

The message she writes about may be “15 Must See Sites in New Zealand” or “Four Tips to Writing (yawn) SEO Content”.  The final product is more often delivered to the reader via a downloaded PDF style book or as a published hard or softback product.

The point is that the generalist content writer is someone who is not writing to please search engine spiders.  She could care less about following the  patterns, formulas and rules that an SEO content writer follows.

SEO Content Writer vs. Article Writer vs. Web Content Writer

Let me side-step here to note that in the wide, world of Web, the line between a content writer, a web content writer, an article writer and the SEO content writer is very narrow.  Thinner than a strand of silk and at times, invisible.

When one is writing to optimize a page for the search engines (hence SEO, Search Engine Optimization) she follows certain rules in order to have that page be assigned a greater value than another page. The reason the writer does this is to have that page achieve the best ranking by the search engines (aka spiders). The higher your page ranks, the more traffic visits your web page. Of course this assumes that the keyword selection was done well, but that’s for another post.

Let’s review the difference between an SEO Content Writer and a Generalist Content Writer

  1. An SEO Content writer is the one who specializes in writing content that best suits the search engines. Pleasing search engines trumps pleasing the reader.
  2. A ‘normal’ or generalist content writer creates material that may not follow certain rules or patterns that are pleasing to search engines.  She want only to please the reader.

Keywords and keyword phrases play a major role in SEO content writing.  An SEO content writer understands the importance of keywords in content and will accordingly weave them in an article or web page.  However, if the page is heavy with too much keyword stuffing or if keyword phrases make the page difficult to read, it may not matter if the page is ranked Number 1 by Google, Bing and Yahoo. If you loose the reader to SEO then you might as well rank #300.

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