Use Great Articles to Test Your Product

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Article writing is often overlooked by new marketers simply because they don’t want to write articles.  Whatever may be the reason, people will try a lot more expensive marketing methods, like pay-per-click (PPC), before they try article marketing.   If PPC is the path you take, be prepared to spend a lot of money on PPC, before you make many (or any sales).

If you do your own writing, article marketing is free.  Sure, you can spend money on article submission services, but that really isn’t necessary to get started.  In fact, the brain that spawned the Bum Marketing trend, Travis Sago, used article marketing as one of his main tools. He used free ‘bum’ Web 2.0 vehicles to build an empire around his relationship products.

If you don’t want to write,  or care to learn how to write your own articles, then hire a strong article content writer to build your content.  Here is just one of many good reasons to use article writing as your cornerstone of you online marketing program.

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Use Articles to Test Your Product

One of the first things people do when they get started online is to build a website.  There’s that five page website out there amongst millions of other competing pages.   How on earth is anyone going to find your website?  This is when some folks try the pay-per-click path only to discover that they run out of money in the first week and / or the merchant’s sales page is not converting.

This is pretty deflating.  You spent a lot of time and money on your graphics for your website.  Maybe you even hired a web content writer or seo content writer to create the the material on the website.  Instead, you should have used your content writer to create articles related to your product.   Here’s why.

Within your article you can create links to your website.  You do this using a resource box. In that resource box you can create a couple of links to a domain.  Instead of building up pages on the domain, you use a script to redirect (or forward) the domain to your merchant’s landing page.  The redirect or forwarder has your affiliate information in it so you get credit for the sale, should it convert.

An experienced article content writer knows how to create an article that “gets the click.”  There has to be a title that is compelling enough to make the reader want to open and read the article.  Then the storyline must lead the reader through the article to the links in the resource box.  A well written resource box get’s a click which sends the reader to the sales page.

You have gained critical insight to your niche product by using article marketing.

First, the focus keyword phrase chosen for the article was one that people are searching for. Second, you or your your article content writer did a good job creating a title that was compelling enough for the reader to open up and read that article. Third, your resource box was written in a manner that caused the reader to click on the link that took them to the product page.

At this stage the merchant’s sales copy takes over.  If your article sends over 100 visitors to the merchant’s sales page and you don’t get any sales, perhaps it’s time to look at another product.

You got all that information from that one article.  You didn’t spend a lot of time creating a supporting website and you didn’t blow you marketing dollars on pay-per-click.  You did manage to find out one more important piece of information.

You or your article content writer did proper keyword research and keyword selection, the article content writer wrote a great title and article and created a resource box that motivated the reader to click the link.

What do you think? We think money spent on an article content writer pays for itself over and over.

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