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Lettemwrite offers two options to have articles written. You can either start a competition or make an order directly from the writer's ranking.

Lettemwrite doesn't charge a fee for competitions, but direct orders are subjected to a sliding fee of 10-20%.

How the competitions work for buyers

  • 1 Two writers receive the same instructions and write a text. You receive random snapshots from both texts.
  • 2 Based on these snapshots, you decide who wrote the best text.
  • 3 You only receive the winning text. The winning writer gets all the prize money and an increase in their ranking.


All writers have to prove themselves in competitions, before they can take direct orders. Every new writer starts in the feather weight class.

If you have won enough contests, you get access to more lucrative competitions and direct orders.

How the competitions work for writers

  • 1 You pick your own text from a list of available competitions.
  • 2 The buyer decides which writer created the best text, based on random snapshots of your texts.
  • 3 If you win the contest, you get 100% of the prize money. The loser gets nothing. Your ELO score gets adjusted automatically.

You have to participate in competitions to increase and maintain your rankings. Payouts are done via Paypal, and have a fixed fee of $1 + paypal fees. The minimum withdrawal is $15.

Join as a Writer

Make money as a text writer, by winning writing duels.

Participate in contests and climb up in the ranking by writing good content.

How to order

Lettemwrite offers two options to have articles written.

One is via a direct order and the other via a competition.

How well a writer does in competitions determines his rate for direct orders